Who We Are

Founded in 1975 by two brothers, Silvio Roberto Testa and José Carlos Testa, CONTEC ORGANIZAÇÃO CONTÁBIL LTDA is one of the largest accounting service companies in the Greater ABCD and has been building over the years a solid and reputable image based on ethics and high quality standards in the rendering of corporate, tax, accounting and human resources management services.

More than an accounting firm, Contec is an accounting service company that offers a complete and integrated range of services covering such fields as tax, accounting, labor, legalization and business outsourcing.

The Company is located on Avenida Utinga, 802, in a wide 2040 m2 building with four floors. On the 1st floor there is a parking space for employees and clients; on the 2nd floor, the entire operational infrastructure is installed; the 3rd floor houses the cafeteria, meeting rooms and the auditorium which seats 80 people. The auditorium is made available to clients helping them in their training and workshops activities geared to their clients and employees. The 4th and last floor includes the kitchen, a leisure area, archives, storage room and training room.

The building was designed to combine modernity and functionality. The objective was to create a harmonious work environment, aiming at everybody’s well-being, a basic condition to provide more quality to the services rendered.

The Company’s quality policy is to meet clients’ needs with excellence, independently of their field of activity, always complying with the Brazilian Accounting Standards and current legislation, besides enhancing the Company’s managers, employees as well as business partners’ capabilities through lectures, courses, etc. The Company strives to combine the quality of services provided with a fair and competitive pricing policy.


Provide accounting services efficiently and exceed customer expectations.


ETHICS: act with transparency and in accordance with the legal precepts.
RESPONSIBILITY: to meet the agreed deadlines.
QUALITY: services tailored to the needs of customers.


Quality Policy

Through the commitment of the Company’s leaders and employees, CONTEC ORGANIZAÇÃO CONTÁBIL, seeks to become a reference company in the provision of accounting services in the State of São Paulo, always aiming at a high satisfaction of its customers, through the setting up of policies that meet:

  • The legal and statutory requirements applicable to the business;
  • Continuous development of people and professionals;
  • Continuous improvement of our processes and services;
  • The requirements of the Quality System implemented.

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