HR Management

Human Resources Management is responsible for everything from payroll, from employee hiring to dismissal. All management work of employees is carried out.

Services performed:

  • admission and termination of employees;
  • union classification;
  • issuance and control of employee vacations forms;
  • monthly processing of employees’ payroll;
  • annual processing of the employee’s 13th salary payroll;
  • monthly processing of the pro-labore worksheet;
  • monitoring of conventions, labor agreements and labor agreements covering different employee categories;
  • Attendance in approvals with unions and arbitration chamber;
  • assessment of all labor charges, such as IRRF, INSS, FGTS, Union, assistance and confederation contribution;
  • filing of the registration documents of each active employee in the company, as well as the documents in connection with their seniority;
  • Preparation and delivery of ancillary obligations such as: RAIS, DIRF, Caged, Income Statement and eSocial
  • provision of guidelines on labor law (CLT) and compulsory and optional employees’ benefits.


Cost Estimate