HR Management

The Human Resources Management includes all the labor and social security routines from the admission of employees to their termination, providing guidance regarding legislation and collective labor agreements. We have developed all the work related to employee management. This department offers all the necessary support for your company, through personalized service counting on systems 100% computerized and updated professionals.

Services performed:

  • admission and termination of employees;
  • union classification;
  • issuance and control of employee vacations forms;
  • monthly processing of employees’ payroll;
  • annual processing of the employee’s 13th salary payroll;
  • monthly processing of the pro-labore worksheet;
  • monitoring of conventions, labor agreements and labor agreements covering different employee categories;
  • attendance in homologations sessions with the class Union or MTE;
  • meeting with inspectors and monitoring of notifications from unions, INSS and MTE;
  • assessment of all labor charges, such as IRRF, INSS, FGTS, Union, assistance and confederation contribution;
  • filing of the registration documents of each active employee in the company, as well as the documents in connection with their seniority;
  • preparation and delivery of ancillary obligations, such as: RAIS, DIRF, Caged and Income Report;
  • provision of guidelines on labor law (CLT) and compulsory and optional employees’ benefits.


Cost Estimate