Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is in charge of legal services, verifies, according to the legal specification, area of operation and tax regime of the company, the choice of the best form of organization and also helps to indicate and indicates the best solution for emerging problems. It also fulfills the requirements of the Government Administration Bodies.

Services performed:

  • attendance and preparation of work plans / corporate budgets;
  • service, planning and consultancy in the organization, changes and closing of companies;
  • petition for Clean Debt Certificates from Federal, State, Municipal authorities, Court and Protest Registries;
  • assistance to obtain Working Permits and their renewal with the City Hall;
  • assistance to obtain and renew Working Permits with the Municipality Health Surveillance Service;
  • assistance to obtain and renew Operation Permits with Anvisa;
  • assistance to obtain Registration and Renewal of the companies’ certificate with the Regional Councils;
  • request and renewal of Digital Certificates;
  • preparation of the Minutes of Corporate Meetings of any kind.


Cost Estimate