Accounting Management

Accounting Management is in charge of the accounting classification and accounting of all monthly financial transactions of companies operating in the industry, trade, services, non-financial institutions and support to individual small entrepreneurs and professionals.

Services performed:

  • accounting records;
  • bank reconciliation and accounting;
  • calculation and control of depreciation and monthly amortization;
  • determination of equity equivalence;
  • calculation and control of shareholders’ earnings and dividends;
  • review, determination, issuance and control of direct and indirect taxes;
  • control of federal tax credits;
  • non-pension installment payment;
  • investigation on the federal tax situation;
  • attendance of municipal, state and federal inspectors;
  • closing of the accounting period;
  • balance sheet;
  • statement of income for the year;
  • statement of Accumulated Profit / Loss;
  • statement on changes in shareholders’ equity;
  • cash flow statement;
  • explanatory notes regarding financial statements;
  • support for internal and independent auditing;
  • completion, assessment and delivery of ancillary obligations:
    • municipal (GISS, NFTS, REISS, e-ISS);
    • federal (Defis, SPED Contábil/ECD, SPED-ECF, DIRF, DCTF and PER/DCOMP);
    • ancillary services (IBGE, Decore, registers for bank updating, proof of taxation and miscellaneous receipts).


Cost Estimate