• Attend customers, satisfying their wishes;
  • Seek solutions in all the departments involved;
  • Technological and intellectual improvement;
  • Act with social responsibility and respect for the environment;
  • Respect ethnic, social, cultural and religious diversity;
  • Always operate within the ethical and legal principles of the profession;
  • Charge fair fees.

Our company has professional civil liability insurance, in order to ensure strict compliance with legal and regulatory rules regarding consumer rights.



Given the series of technological innovations adopted by the Government, we are improving our quality management system; for this reason, we are making available to our clients the implementation of the relationship system called Office2.CRM, which will be the communication channel between stakeholders and will enable the exchange of information in a practical, safe and reliable way.

Internet access system using a password, available 24 hours on the Web, showing, exclusively to the customer’s company, to have access to the most different kind of documents, such as, Articles of Incorporation and amendments thereof, Contec notices and memoranda, payroll, income tax returns for Companies and individuals, taxes, fees and contributions, Contec bank slip, billing position, annual balance sheets and periodic balance sheets, among others.

This system also allows to forward the following worksheet information to the payroll, as well as to make application for admission, changes and termination of employees, request for vacations, handling of records, among others.


Cost Estimate